Monday, September 03, 2007

The Glass Castle

Well, I have finished reading The Glass Castle – a memoir by Jeannette Walls. Before elaborating further about this book, I asked myself a question: How I came to read this book? I recalled that I have no intention to buy this book; it was an additional to another book -- Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. In order to get free shipping from Amazon, I had to make a minimum purchase of $25. Harry Potter 7 cost $17.99, so I needed to buy another book for at least $7. I would rather spend money for buyinbooks than for shipping fees). Among the recommended books on, The Glass Castle caught my eyes. (WHY??) The price was not the main reason I selected this book. It was the highly rated-review that influenced my decision. Now, after I finished reading the book, I want to say, "I am not regret buying and reading this book. Conversely, I am pleased I have read such a well-written memoir."

Before this book, my friend who read a dozen memoirs told me one day that she personally does not like to read memoir anymore. The reason she gave was that every memoir has the same goal – tell you about the writer. The authors will first tell the readers about their past experience (99% focused on the worst of their lives), and then the writers will tell the readers how they have overcame those difficulties and became successful. Well, I do not want to discuss and justify my friend’s statement any further.

Jeannette Wall did a good job in putting together her childhood memory into such an enthralling story. Growing up in a dysfunctional family with three siblings, Jeannette has a dishonest and destructive father and a mother that did not want the responsibility of raising a family. Jeannette and her siblings learned to take care of themselves, protected one another, and eventually found their way to New York.

Jeannette is a talented writer as well as a fantastic storyteller. I was incredibly touched by her story. After finishing her book, I could still feel the anger inside me about her irresponsible, selfish parents.(EXPAND...HOW WERE THE DISHONEST AND DESTRUCTIVE) This is a piece of great writing; I have no doubt to recommend this book to other. (WHY??)


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