Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hooked, Shore Anglers Catch the Sunset, and Perhaps a Bluefish

New York Time - October 21, 2006

Every year in October, while the parks and forests were packed with people who came to see fall foliage scene, there was a throng of people headed to Truman's Beach in New York to see fuchsia sunsets and cast the lines into the Sound. Although it was hardly beach weather, a cold breeze was kicking up a surf on Long Island Sound, anglers were oblivious to it all, locked in combat with bluefish and grinning for ear to ear.
  • angler ~ person who fishes with a hook on a line
  • seagulls were screeching overhead ~ make harsh shrill cry
  • oblivious ~ forgetful
  • grin/smile from ear to ear ~ to look extremely happy
  • it's suffering of an exquisite kind ~ delicately beautiful
  • fuchsia sunsets ~ bright purplish red color
  • some anglers were skunked but couldn't have been happier sharing the beach with other ~ to defeat overwhelmingly, especially by keeping from scoring
  • creek chubs ~ fresh water fish
  • the anglers cast the line ~ to throw (something, especially something light)
  • one quarry in mind ~ an object of pursuit
  • tread (trot, trodden) ~ to walk on, over, or along

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