Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stepping Stone

This is a country-western song sung by Lari White from the album "Country Cares for Kids II". I like this song very much because of its meaningful lyric. I wonder, it is a stumbling block or a stepping stone that we have faced so far in our life? To a pessimist, a problem is always a stumbling block; while to an optimist, an obstacle can be treated as a stepping stone. The fact is that stumbling block is not a stepping stone by nature. One has to work persistently and diligently in order to transform from a bad situation to a good one. To me, no matter it is a stumbling block or a stepping stone, we should always look from the bright side of life... Otherwise, life is too tough, dream is too far....

(Lari White, Craig Wiseman, David Kent)

Here I am at another dead end,
Stopped in my tracks again,
Closer than I've ever been to where I wanna be,
A broken heart standing in my way,
Big as life on a real bad day,
But making lemons into lemonade,
Ain't nothing new to me.

(No) This ain't no stumbling block,
It's just a stepping stone,
I'm gonna climb right up on top,
And take a good look at where I'm going,
And it ain't gonna slow me down,
Hold me back or turn me around,
This ain't no stumbling block, it/this ain't no stumbling block,
This ain't no stumbling block, it's just a stepping
(a stepping stone).

Now looking back I realize
How hard it is to recognize,
Opportunity in disguise as some calamity,
So I ain't gonna cuss my luck,
Every time a door slams shut,
I know a window's gonna open up,
Just as long as I believe.

Repeat Chorus

Stepping Stone
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh


stepping stone: a step towards reaching your goal
stumbling block: an obstacle in the way of reaching your goal
to be at a dead end: unable to continue
to be close to (far from) where I want to be
to get (be) stopped in your tracks: unable to continue, at a dead end
something "standing in your way": an obstacle, stumbling block
something good or bad is "big as life"
to make lemons into lemonade: to turn a problem into an opportunity
to take a good look at something: to look closely and deeply at something
every time a door slams, another one opens: A problem can end up being an opportunity
to cuss my luck: to complain about my situation or bad luck
that's nothing new: that's not unusual and not surprising
to hold me back: prevent or stop me from doing what I want

If you stop struggling, then you stop life.
~Huey Newton~

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